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Hip Testimonials:   (click here for more hip testimonials)

“Before hip replacement, I had pain walking and getting in and out of my car. Friends had to help carry my guitar equipment. Now I have my independence back and can easily carry my own equipment where ever I want to go.”

- Bill Shipley, DDS, Hip Replacement Patient (January 2018 & November 2016)


Knee Testimonials:   (click here for more knee testimonials)

“Before knee replacement, I could not stand for any period of time, my knees hurt too much and I would have to sit down and take breaks. After knee replacement, I am hunting, boating and fishing again. I can wade in the river and get back to being a fishing guide.”

- Jerry McCoy, Knee Replacement (March 2018 & May 2017)


Shoulder Testimonials:   (click here for more shoulder testimonials)

“Before shoulder replacement, daily life was difficult. I could no longer lift my arm above my shoulder. Even the simple things like washing your hair or hanging something up was impossible. Life after shoulder replacement has been great, I have even more range of motion than expected!”

- Sandra Widmer, Total Shoulder Replacement (February 2017)

Sandra Widmer Shoulder Testimonial