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Knee Testimonials

“Before knee replacement, I was in constant pain with everyday movement (walking, going up and down stairs and driving). One month after knee replacement, the pain is gone, my mobility is back to normal and I am enjoying life again including scuba diving.”

- Fred Rader, Knee Replacement Patient (May 2018)

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“Before surgery, my quality of life suffered. Walking up stairs was very painful. I was unable to kick to swim. My knee pain affected my balance which made fly fishing & hiking dangerous. After surgery, the pain is gone, my balance has returned & I’m enjoying a more active lifestyle!”

- Victor Moore, Knee Replacement Patient (January 2017)


Vera's Story - Total Knee Replacement (2016)

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“On Day 3 of walking at Disney… Honestly believe your office accepting me as a patient and Dr. Moore's excellent care has made my trip magical!” (postcard & testimonial from another happy Win Moore, M.D. patient). 

- Stephanie Cowan, Emergency Knee Injection (January 2016)

 Stephanie Cowan

“My pool business can be physically challenging year round. I had a torn meniscus, which caused stiffness of my knee and pain so severe that I had trouble walking and couldn’t work much. Thanks to Dr. Moore, I’m able to work more and keep my business running and my customers happy.”

- George Toney, “The Pool Guy,” Mountain Home, AR (January 2016)

 George Toney Knee Testimonial