Baxter Regional Bone & Joint Clinic

Sports-Related Injuries

Many people in today's society choose to participate in sports and athletics. Some are professionals whose physical performance is their livelihood, many are students who pursue sports in conjunction with academics, and still others are avid amateurs who participate in sports for recreation and physical fitness. They all rely on healthy bones, joints, muscles, and ligaments to stay active and require a specialist with training and experience in sports medicine.

Dr. Win Moore is experienced in healing sports injuries, from ligaments tears and sprains to joint instability. Common procedures include arthroscopic rotator cuff, Achilles tendon repair and ACL reconstruction as well as ultrasound guided and platelet rich plasma injections. Baxter Regional Bone & Joint Clinic is committed to providing the diagnostic, treatment, and rehabilitative services patients need to better understand how to care for their bodies before, during and after participating in athletics.