Baxter Regional Bone & Joint Clinic

Total Joint Care

A joint is the area where two bones are attached, usually formed of fibrous connective tissue and cartilage. Joints allow movement and provide mechanical support, which most people take for granted unless they are suffering from joint pain. When shoulders, hips, knees, and other joints are damaged from injury, joint disorder, or just wear and tear, even the slightest movement can cause pain and even lack of mobility.

The sooner the condition is recognized and addressed, the better the prognosis will be, because many joint disorders cause progressive damage. Patients can support joint health with gentle exercise, a balanced diet, and attentive care to all the joints of the body.

Joint replacement surgery is removing a damaged joint — most commonly the hip, knee, and shoulder — with an implant. The implant used is made up of several different components. The individual components are available in many different sizes and materials, so Dr. Moore can decide which options will be the best fit for your individual needs. Dr. Moore believes determining whether to undergo joint replacement surgery is ultimately the patient’s decision, but one that can result in a significantly improved lifestyle. He believes the patient will know when the time has come for joint replacement, which is usually when their lifestyle is becoming adversely affected.

Dr. Moore has extensive and specialized training in complex surgical techniques to ensure you receive the highest level of total joint care. His training combined with experience in treating diseases and injuries of the hip, knee, and shoulder joints will help restore patients’ function and mobility. Dr. Moore always strives to use conservative treatment methods before considering surgery.

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